Saturday, November 20, 2010

Multi-sensory experience

All the letters in My Sound Book are shown in an outlined font. The reason for this is so that the child can trace the inside of the letter with his or her finger. While tracing the letter, they should say the sound that the letter makes. After they say the sound, they should then point to an object and say its name and repeat for each object. For example: "a, apple. a, ambulance. a, ant." Each time they say the "a" sound they should again point to the letter a.

If they follow this method, it becomes a multi-sensory experience. Thus, suited for all three learning styles--kinesthetic, auditory, and visual.  They are using touch (kinesthetic) to trace and touch the letter, sound (auditory) when they say and hear the sound, and sight (visual) when they see the letter and objects. By using three senses their ability to learn is increased.

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  1. So glad you liked the caramel apples. We are just addicted to them and can't get enough!